Andre again…now accompanied by me

wlyg-with-my-quote-thumb.jpgnkb-with-my-foreword-thumb.jpgSerious Andrée Seu fans likely are already aware that her two essay collections (reviewed here and here) are coming out in paperback. Now, I know you’re asking, why should I lay out hard-earned cash for a new edition when I already own the hardcover? Well, I’ll tell you: because my name appears on the covers of both!

Yep. I’m pleased to be the (non)celebrity endorsement quoted on the front of the pb Won’t Let You Go Unless You Bless Me (already available here), and even more honored to have written the foreword to the pb Normal Kingdom Business (which will release this April). That makes these two volumes very special indeed—at least to my dad, who considers me his second-favorite writer (right after Andrée!). So go ahead and splurge for a second copy; and if you never bought a first, now’s your chance to remedy that oversight…

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Andrée’s columns, check out my 2006 interview with her here. Most days you can also read her blog posts at

UPDATE: Won’t Let You Go and Normal Kingdom Business are now available from Amazon.

28. February 2008 by Mindy
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  1. What fun!