Meanwhile at The Discarded Image

image of the home page of The Discarded ImageJust a quick note to say that I continue to do most of my blogging over at The Discarded Image, where in the last few months I’ve reviewed Virginia Dust’s atmospheric debut novel River of Dust; Joseph Geha’s Lebanese Blonde, set in my hometown of Toledo; Josh Hanagarne’s wise and witty memoir, The World’s Strongest Librarian; and Eli Brown’s magnificent Cinnamon and Gunpowder. One of our more popular features there is our weekly 3 for Thursday, like “3 Instant Writing Improvements,” “3 Things to Do with Unwanted Books“, and “3 Practical Reasons to Support Public Libraries.” I’ve got some other personal projects underway, too, but in the meantime, if you haven’t yet checked out The Discarded Image – and you’re interested in literature, science, philosophy, and religion – please do.

06. October 2013 by Mindy
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