History Lives, boxed set edition

Time for a little update on the publishing front. Brandon and I heard this week from the publisher of our History Lives series that they will be re-releasing the series in a boxed set edition. The box is being designed now, and the set will be available in the UK in January and in the rest of the world by March or so. Each of the volumes will continue to be available separately as well.

We both have fond associations of the boxed sets we had as kids (my favorite was a Newbery winner collection I received as a Christmas gift from an aunt and uncle) and we still have a few of them, including our Chronicles of Narnia and A Wrinkle in Time sets. So we’re excited that a more collectible edition of History Lives will be available soon. I’ll post a photo of the new box once I have one. Yay!

22. October 2011 by Mindy
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  1. If you can’t wait for the boxed set, you can get the entire History Lives series for Kindle this week at only $2 per title: LINK.