A new residence

Shirley Hazzard—one of my favorite novelists, as longtime readers know—has residences in NYC and the island of Capri. P.D. James lives in London and Oxford. Ernest Hemingway famously lived in Key West and Cuba. I’ve decided that any writer with serious literary aspirations needs more than one home.

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That’s why I’m pleased to announce that though I am keeping my residences on Facebook and Twitter, I have also acquired some lovely property on Google+. It has an expansive view, tons of fascinating neighbors, and plenty of space to hangout with friends. And the best part is that, depending on the conversation, I can chat with just my closest friends or open the party up to the whole neighborhood, with just a word to my fancy new electronic doorman.

This does mean that I’ll be in residence at my other homes a little less frequently, especially in these early months while I’m occupied with the decorator and the landscapers. You can still reach me at the other addresses, but I’d love your company at the new place. If you’re already in the vicinity, do circle around and say hello. And if you’re hoping for an invitation, just send me your gmail address! I’ll gladly give you a tour.

I’m sure it’s the next best thing to moving in across from Shirley Hazzard on Capri.

23. July 2011 by Mindy
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  1. Not at all surprised that you would see the value of Google+. Glad to have you in the neighborhood!