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Julia Cameron, in an interview with Writer’s Digest, defines writing as “a way to metabolize life”: “When I picture the writing life, what I’m talking about is a life where writing is your dominant response. People can learn to do that. They can learn when they have their feelings hurt to get on the page instead of on the telephone.” She practices what she preaches by writing a minimum of 3 pages a day, longhand. I’d like to develop that habit.

Love the smell of old books? Enough to wear it? BookLust tipped me off to a new perfume called “In the Library.” Now that’s a fragrance you won’t see a celebrity hawking! I love libraries as much as the next girl, but I think I’ll stick with my signature scent, thank you…

Vanessa Redgrave will star in the Broadway debut of Joan Didion’s play The Year of Magical Thinking, based on her National Book Award-winning memoir (I reviewed the book here). The play opens April 3; order discounted tickets by March 3.

Finally, are you as good as I am at spending someone else’s money? I have a B&N gift card and want to invest in a decent multi-volume poetry set. I’m considering the Everyman’s Library Pocket Poetry Series (including this Dickinson volume). Does anybody have this collection, and do you like it? Or would you recommend another?

21. February 2007 by Mindy
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  1. I have tried to do The Artist’s Way several times and I love all the exercises and tips but those morning pages kill me. I am just not a morning person so I’m always rushing around. Enjoy spending your gift card :)