A new year of writing and reading

Yesterday I posted my list of books read in 2006. Looking back, it was quite the literary year for me, the highlights being: attending a reading/lecture by Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner; discovering Peter Hobbs’ The Short Day Dying, the absolute best book I read in 2006; publishing my third book, Courage and Conviction, as well as other minor bits elsewhere; and getting serious about lit blogging, leading to the development of my current website.

The new year holds a lot of promise, too.  I’m still developing a list of goals for my four-month writing sabbatical (February through May), but one of them is certainly along the lines of Semicolon’s blogging resolutions #3 and #8, to spend more time at other lit blogs reading and commenting and generally building community.  Of course, I also hope to get a lot of writing done! 

To do that, I must be nourished by books.  So, in no particular order, here is my preliminary TBR list for the coming months, definitely subject to change:

The Serpent on the Crown – Peters, Elizabeth
The Most of P G Wodehouse – Wodehouse, P.G.
On Writing – Welty, Eudora
The Sand Café – McFarquhar, Neil
Truck: A Love Story – Perry, Michael
Reading Like a Writer – Prose, Francine
Reading Lolita in Tehran – Nafisi, Azar
An Unquiet Mind – Jamison, Kay Redfield
The Lighthouse – James, P.D.
Red House – Messer, Sarah
My Brother’s Keeper – van Leewuen, Mary Stewart
The Rain from God – Ammerman, Mark
I Read it in the Wordless Book – Carter, Betty Smartt
Real Sex: The Naked Truth about Chastity – Winner, Lauren
One Woman’s Army – Karpinksi, Janis
Total Abandon – Witherall, Gary
The Colony: The Harrowing True Story of the Exiles of Molokai – Tayman, John
Infamous Scribblers – Burns, Eric
Glittering Images – Howatch, Susan
Their Eyes Were Watching God – Hurston, Zora Neale
Sophie’s World – Gaarder, Jostein
Man in the Shadows – Halevy, Efraim
Me Talk Pretty One Day – Sedaris, David
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime – Haddon, Mark
The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of 4 Meals – Pollan, Michael
Kristin Lavranstadder trilogy – Undset, Sigrid
Small Crimes in an Age of Abundance – Kneele, Matthew
Play It as It Lays – Didion, Joan
Mary  – Newman, Janis Clarke
Finally Feminist – Stackhouse, John
Strangers and Pilgrims: Female Preaching in America 1740-1845 – Brekus, Catherine A.
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan – See, Lisa
The Echo Maker – Powers, Richard
Inés of my Soul – Allende, Isabel

Wishing you a page-turning 2007!

01. January 2007 by Mindy
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  2. I’m always jealous of people who are yet to read Wodehouse – surely one of the greatest wordsmiths and simile-forgers ever. And I think you’ll enjoy ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’ too.

  3. Hi Mindy – Thank you for visiting me the other day. So nice to meet another fellow booklover. I love reading your list of upcoming reads. You’ve got one of my all time favorites on there – Sophie’s World. Hope it’s a great reading year and I’ll be back to see how it’s going :)

  4. Ros, my sister recommended Wodehouse and told me I would love Jeaves. Hope to get to it soon.

    Thanks for returning the visit, Iliana. I actually started Sophie’s World at the B&N on the Baltimore waterfront (on a tip from my friends at Vox Vendsel) and found it quite interesting. Only reason I didn’t buy it then was the huge stack of stuff already on my coffee table!

  5. Mindy, I adore reading lists. Reading the Kite Runner was a 2006 reading highlight. My husband and I have incorporated “For you, a thousand times over” into our family’s lexicon. I read it alone in one sitting, read it aloud to my husband a chapter a night; later in the year we listened to Hosseini read it on CD.

    Eudora Welty’s book is excellent – I have many quotes from it copied in my journal. P.D. James was a pleasant 2006 discovery for me. Happily there are many titles to enjoy in the future.

    I’ve purchased Peter Hobb’s book (recommended by you through Seasonal Soundings)and it is on the shelf patiently waiting to be read.

    I can ditto Ros’ comments. Wodehouse is one of our family’s favorites. My son quotes Wodehouse with a facility that I can only envy.

    You are a daily read now. One of my favorite delights is to read the archives of newly discovered blogs. I do this when the guys decide to watch a movie not to my taste. It must be time for them to watch Gladiator soon!

  6. Mindy,

    I hope that you will enjoy Glittering Iamges by Susan Howatch. Her Anglican series, of which GI is the first novel, has delighted me. If nothing else appeals, the epigraphs that introduce each section and every chapter are worth the price of the book!

    I will look forward to reading your response to it.

  7. Carol, I’d say you’ve had the full Kite Runner experience! I just read it a second time to lead a discussion on it tonight, and will be posting a few comments on it in the day or so. PD James is a favorite. Hurry up and read The Short Day Dying–can’t wait to hear your comments!

    Terry, you are not alone in highly recommending Howatch; several readers of this site have insisted I check her out! So I’m excited to “meet” her characters. I seem to have an affinity for British writers (as you might pick up from my comment about PDJ above–and my favorite of hers is Death in Holy Orders, as the Anglican setting intrigues me). Will definitely post about it as soon as I have time to pick up GI.

  8. Fun to look at your list. Many of those books are not familiar to me.

    I read my first Howatch last year, the Wonder Worker (or something like that), and enjoyed her sytle a lot. I tried Me Talk Pretty, after hearing so much about it, and looking forward to it since I really enjoy that genre, but I didn’t finish it. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it, so I put it aside. I look forward to reading your thoughts when you read it.