2006 reading roundup

I’ve been enjoying the many annual book lists lit bloggers have been posting over the last few days.  I didn’t start keeping records of books read until mid 2005, so this is the first year for which I have any kind of comprehensive reading list—and it’s not really comprehensive, as I don’t always remember to jot down titles read at the bookstore or borrowed from someone.  (It also doesn’t include the dozens of articles and selected portions of books I read researching Courage and Conviction!)  But it’s fun to look over, and helpful for planning next year’s reading list.  So here it is, my 2006 reading roundup, listed (mostly) in order read:

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio – Ryan, Terry
Portuguese Irregular Verbs  – McCall Smith, Alexander
When the Emperor was Divine – Otsuka, Julie
44 Scotland Street – McCall Smith, Alexander
The Secret Life of Bees – Kidd, Sue Monk
Freakonomics  – Levitt, Steven & Stephen Dubner
Memories of My Melancholy Whores – Marquez, Gabriel Garcia
Becoming Strangers – Dean, Louise
Night – Weisel, Elie
Lost Women of the Bible – James, Carolyn Custis
The Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing – Banks, Melissa
The Five People You Meet in Heaven – Albom, Mitch
The Time Traveler’s Wife – Niffenegger, Audrey
The DaVinci Code – Brown, Dan
Won’t Let You Go Unless You Bless Me  – Seu, Andree
The Short Day Dying – Hobbs, Peter
Where is the Mango Princess?  A Journey Back from Brain Injury – Crimmins, Cathy
The Mayflower – Caffrey, Kate
John Eliot: Apostle to the Indians – Winslow, Ola Elizabeth
The Virgin Blue – Chevalier, Tracy
A Field Guide to Evangelicals and Their Habitats – Kilpatrick, Joel
The Tale of Despereaux – DiCamillo, Kate
If on a Winter’s Night A Traveler – Calvino, Italo
The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – Edwards, Kim
Little Star of Bella Lua – Monteiro, Luana
Tree (Eyewitness Books) – Burnie, David
Till We Have Faces – Lewis, C.S.
Anne Bradstreet: A Guided Tour of the Life and Thought of a Puritan Poet – Nichols, Heidi L.
Marley & Me – Grogran, John
Personal History – Graham, Katharine
Mystery and Manners – O’Connor, Flannery (re-read)
A Separate Peace – Knowles, John
Normal Kingdom Business – Seu, Andree
The Alchemist – Coelho, Paulo

and, not least:  “Full of Wondrous and Glorious Things”: The Exegetical Mind of Jonathan Edwards in his Anglo-American Cultural Context – Withrow, Brandon G. (hubby’s soon-to-be submitted PhD dissertation, all 376 pages of which I have read and edited!)

You’ll find my reviews of many of these titles in the “reviews a-z” section.

31. December 2006 by Mindy
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  3. Mindy, what an impressive list! You inspire me to read more!

  4. Several of the books on this list were recommended by you, Sary, so I have to say YOU inspire ME to read more, too! Send me your latest suggestions so I can add them to my 2007 list.