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I’ve previously mentioned here my husband’s latest book, Katherine Parr: A Guided Tour of the Life and Thought of a Reformation Queen.  We’ve both been long interested in this fascinating woman, so there was no question that she would be among the major figures we featured in our third History Lives book, Courage and Conviction (she and her famous husband even appear on the cover).  I was thrilled when my husband decided to do a whole book on her, and especially that he included the two books she wrote, letting her speak for herself.  

But I’ve said all this before.  So what’s the news?  

Well, last Friday Brandon did a radio interview with a network out of Chicago and got to talk about some of the reasons people today are still so interested in her life.  (Unfortunately, the interviewer had not read the book, so some of the more fascinating questions I had hoped for never got asked—but if you pay attention to the key things Brandon mentions, you’ll get a sense for all the real-life drama she experienced, including political intrigue, sexual betrayal, and religious revolution!)  You can listen to the interview online via a link at Brandon’s website.

And there’s a second and related bit of news.  Because of our interest in Queen Katherine, we started watching (and were immediately hooked on) the Showtime series The Tudors.  We—along with a lot of other fans—have been waiting anxiously to find out who would be cast to play Katherine in the fourth and final season of the show.  And that news broke just last night.  Brandon wrote about it on his blog this morning; you can read it at the same link above.  I haven’t decided what I think about the choice yet, but it continues to prove interesting. I always enjoy seeing various artistic portrayals of historical figures, comparing which aspects and interpretations the artists have chosen to emphasize.  Brandon and I both will certainly be talking more about it when the final season airs.

Anyway, I hope you’ll read the book and listen to the interview—and leave some questions for Brandon on his website!  He’d love to hear from you, and I can attest that he really knows a lot about Katherine and the time in which she lived.

22. July 2009 by Mindy
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  1. I’m interested in the Tudors myself and looking forward to reading your husband’s book. However, I have a question about the TV series. I haven’t watched it because I got the idea that would be too crude and risque for my tastes. How would you rate it? R? Or PG?

  2. Sherry, it’s definitely R. It’s extremely well-written/acted/directed and is surprisingly accurate (with some compression of the timelines and other minor quibbles) but it is absolutely not for anyone who objects to nudity and sex on television, and I most certainly would not allow children to watch it.

    My husband deals with some of the same information, but I assure you his book is quite tasteful! :o)

  3. I’m so glad you wrote about this again, because I had forgotten to put his book on my TBR list at GoodReads. I love this era too, but like Sherry have shied away from the show.

  4. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the book, Deb! He’ll be grateful to know you’re interested in it.