Touring Ohio on a Literary Road Trip

Michelle at GalleySmith is hosting a Literary Road Trip in which bloggers around the country (and perhaps outside of the country, too) highlight their local authors, past and present.  I love this idea — I try to eat local and shop local whenever I can, so why not read local, too?  I’ve lived in a good handful of states in the last few years, but at the moment I am back in Ohio, where I was born and raised.  So I’ve offered to represent the Buckeye State in this read-across-the-nation.  I haven’t done much research yet, but I do know of a few native authors and am looking forward to making some fun discoveries.  So keep an eye on this space, as I’ll be posting some bios, lists, reviews and perhaps an interview here from time to time.  As always, your suggestions are welcome, so do leave comments about any Ohio authors (or even books set in Ohio) that you’d like to see featured.  Then be sure to drop in on GalleySmith, too, to see the list of states and territories being covered by other bloggers and keep up with the rest of the tour!

18. July 2009 by Mindy
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  1. YAY! I’m so excited to see you :)

    Good luck, I can’t wait to read about some fabulous Ohio authors.

  2. Me, too! Now to drum up some…

  3. There are quite a few Ohio authors. Off the top of my head mostly speculative fiction:

    James Thurber
    Gary Braunbeck
    Lucy A. Snyder
    R.L. Stine
    Jeff Smith
    P. Craig Russell
    Harvey Pekar
    Joyce Brabner
    Lee K. Abbott
    O. Henry
    Michelle Herman
    Michael Ruhlman
    John Scalzi
    Chris Barzak

  4. Thanks for these suggestions, Amber. I’ve run across some of them in my research already. Looks like I’m going to have plenty of material for this feature!