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The Coffins of Little Hope

“I attend many funerals, as do many of the death merchants, and we all lurk in a back pew, in black and feathers, perched like carrion.”  For Essie Myles, the 83-year-old obituary writer for the County Paragraph, the small-town newspaper … Continue reading

06. July 2011 by Mindy
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An Object of Beauty

Steve Martin’s An Object of Beauty might be the nicest literary surprise I’ve received so far this year.  It turns out that Martin is a genuine intellectual who’s just been masquerading as a zany entertainer all these years.  I know … Continue reading

21. March 2011 by Mindy
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An Unfinished Score

Elise Blackwell’s An Unfinished Score opens with Suzanne, a concert violist, fixing dinner for her family when a radio broadcast informs her of her lover’s death in a plane crash.  Her affair with the celebrated conductor was a secret, and … Continue reading

28. February 2011 by Mindy
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Moon Over Manifest

I have mixed feelings about Moon Over Manifest, Clare Vanderpool’s debut novel and the most recent Newbery winner.  On the one hand, I love the protagonist, twelve-year-old Abilene Tucker, whose strength of character and curiosity allow her to thrive in … Continue reading

24. February 2011 by Mindy
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The Line

Olga Grushin’s second novel, The Line, is a character study of a family and of a national spirit under duress; and a story in which everything important happens while nothing happens. Grushin opens with this epigraph:  “For we are saved … Continue reading

07. February 2011 by Mindy
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